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  • Lease up and you need to clean the carpet?

  • Selling your house and need the carpet to look great?

  • Entertaining guests for the holidays and your carpet is a mess? 

  • It's just time to do a deep cleaning again? 

...whatever the case may be we are here for you!

Magic Steamers wants to ensure your carpet cleaning is done thoroughly and that you are 100% satisfied. On average, our tested procedure takes only 15 minutes per room, depending on the severity and number of stains.


When our professionals arrive, they will first assess your carpet's individual cleaning needs, looking for any areas of high-traffic and heavy-soil. Then, our experts will begin the process of releasing and extracting the deeply embedded dirt and debris. You can finally say goodbye to the unwanted allergens and microscopic pollutants embedded within your carpet.

Our 5-star customer service is earned through our attention to detail!!! 


With our state of the art truck mounted machine, we steam and deodorize with over 200 degrees of hot water extraction. Our quick dry steam process has the distinct advantage over the dry chemical method, because the carpet is not left with chemicals that can be harmful to pets and children. We also supply Scotch Guard, and Odor Kill for pet urine at an additional cost when needed. Our equipment is so powerful, it completely removes the odor, not simply covering it up temporarily.


All operators are background checked and have a ton of experience taking care of carpets, upholstery, and precious rug cleaning. At Magic Steamers Carpet Cleaning, it's not about taking your money. Our goal is to have you call us back again and refer your family and friends. That's far more valuable to us!

For more information, please contact us.

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