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  • Does your rug have a bad odor - look worn or faded?

  • Did your pet have an accident and you can't get the stain out?

  • Buying a new rug is not in your budget at the moment?


Having Magic Steamers professionally clean your rug is a great way to make it feel like new without the huge investment.

Sure, you could DIY, but we make it a much simpler process, and without the hassle of renting the right machine, buying the right cleaners, and being careful not to use too much cleaner or water, not to mention, breaking your back. Also, did you know that rental machines have much less power than a commercial grade, truck mounted extractor, which means it might not be able to clean your rug as thoroughly as you wish.

Using less powerful machines cannot only be ineffective, but run the risk of not fully removing the moisture before mold or mildew set in.

We developed a 4-step method to ensure your rug is clean and looking like new again.

  1. Inspecting the rug to identify specific problem areas.

  2. Pre-spraying with the product best suited for eliminating stains and odors. (Ask us about our Platinum Package.)

  3. Steam and deodorize with our state-of-the-art truck mounted machine, using over 200 degrees of hot water extraction.

  4. Dry quickly and thoroughly to ensure clean and odor free furniture.

Our technicians are properly trained and adaptable, prepped to handle any type of rug, no matter how dirty, old or worn-out.

People have asked us in the past about using Rug Doctors...Here’s the thing with Rug Doctors, yes they’re effective for smaller stains and blemishes. The problem is, Rug Doctors don’t have the appropriate amount of suction to leave a rug surface without any water or detergent residue left over. And in that time, your rug can be prone to absorption again if anyone walks over it. Steamers will do the job much better and leave the stain to dry in a shorter time period.


For more information, please contact us.​

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