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There is nothing more beautiful than a shiny tile floor in any room of your house. Keeping this type of floor pristine, though, is another task in and of itself. Attempting this job yourself will result in hours of scrubbing that probably won’t produce the kind of results you had envisioned.


A lot of the blame for filthy tile is placed on the grout, which is a porous material that collects dirt and often discolors the surface. This is where the Magic Steamers tile and grout cleaning services come into play.

Our team is made up of Tampa Bay’s finest floor cleaning professionals who will make caring for this difficult-to-clean flooring look easy.

We send our trained technicians with state-of-the-art equipment to make a powerful vacuum and water mix that suctions the dirt from deep within the grout and tile. Our specialists perform pretests to guarantee the safest and highest quality results. No matter where in your home the tile is located, Magic Steamers’ tile and grout cleaning services are sure to be effective. 

Just think of all of the areas where tile is in your house:

  • Bathroom floors tubs, showers, and countertop

  • Kitchen floors, backsplashes, and countertops

  • Foyer and entryway floors

  • Tiled floors in any other room of your home

  • Indoor and outdoor tile table tops

  • Tile fireplaces

Immediately following cleaning, Magic Steamers offers an additional option to put a sealer over the grout to prevent staining from grime in the future and to make cleaning easier the next time. Contact Magic Steamers today to schedule your tile and grout cleaning appointment with our team of professionals!

What Type Of Floors Can We Clean And Seal?

  • Concrete

  • Ceramic

  • Granite

  • Travertine

  • Slate

  • Saltillo

  • Porcelain

For more information, please contact us.

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