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A natural stone floor provides a hard-wearing and durable option that is easy to clean and maintain. They are straightforward to care for and won't need replacing any time soon. These floors can withstand heavy usage for many years to come, so it's the perfect material for families with children.

Natural stone is timeless and not affected by fashion trends, and while it is a great way to add warmth in the look and feel of a room, it is perfect at keeping it cool climate-wise, which is perfect for Florida temperatures. 

Over time, natural stone can become dull. A stone floor that has lost its shine is not ruined, however. In fact, all stone floors need restorative care from time to time. It's the maintenance in between that will determine how long that can be. See below for some tips to maintain your natural stone floors.

Restoring stone floors is a specialty service that requires skill and experience. We use Diamond Infused Pads (DIP) to restore your natural stone floors when they are in fair or medium condition. When your floors are in really bad condition, we work with Diamond Pads to remove all of the dirt and natural build up from the years and then polish it until it shines like new. This method cleans and polishes naturally without the use of chemicals.

Benefits of having us professionally clean your natural stone floors:

  • Chemical-free cleaning process

  • Removes scratches and discoloration 

  • Takes dull floors to a high clean shine

  • No need for wax, strippers or other chemicals 

  • Extends the longevity of your floors

  • We can apply a sealer for extra protection of your natural stone

We clean Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, Travertine, and more. 

Make your natural stone floors shine again. Contact Magic Steamers today to schedule your tile and grout cleaning appointment with our team of professionals!

Ways you can help maintain your stone floors?

  • Use area rugs under furniture to keep from scratching

  • Use mats at entrances to help wipe shoes before entering room

  • Don't forget to clean under mats, especially during rainy weather

  • Use a non-treated rayon dust mop (treated mops can contain oil that can soak into and stain the stone)

  • Use only neutral cleaners (pH around 7) to prevent a film and change water frequently when damp or wet mopping

  • Designate a specific mop specifically for your natural stone floors - Natural stone is sensitive and acidic cleaners - even all purpose cleaners - can wear away the surface and destroy the shine

  • AVOID - cleaners containing acids (like cleaners used for grout, tubs/tile, bathrooms), vinegar, bleach, or lemon juice, abrasive cleaners or ammonia- based products

We advise our customers to be careful when cleaning natural stone, because, as stated above, some cleaning agents can damage your floors. Natural stone is porous and the surface can absorb stains and spills. Once it is damaged it is very hard to replace. That is why having your natural stone professionally cleaned and restored regularly will help maintain the natural luster and shine of your beautiful floors for years to come. 

For more information, please contact us.

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