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Did you know that some experts claim that the buildup of dust mites and skin cells, collecting as you sleep, over the course of 10 years, can double the weight of your mattress? Ewww!

To make matters worse, dead skin is not the only thing collecting in your mattress. Living and growing daily in your mattress are dangerous bacteria, fungal spores, sweat, dust mites, viruses, and allergens.

To lower the chance of getting sick, your traditional innerspring mattress, or top-of-the-line memory foam mattress, should be vacuumed regularly and needs to be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

Doing this can extend the life of your mattress, giving you a better return on your investment. The most eco-friendly and sanitary method to clean your mattress is with steam.


Magic Steamers has developed a unique 4-step method to ensure your mattress is clean and sanitary:

  1. Inspecting the mattress to identify specific hazards.

  2. Pre-spraying with the product best suited for eliminating the specific dangers. (Ask us about our Platinum Package.)

  3. Steam and deodorize with our state-of-the-art truck mounted machine, using over 200 degrees of hot water extraction.

  4. Dry quickly and thoroughly to ensure many clean and odor free nights' sleep.

  5. Ask about our optional sanitization process using an antibacterial product that will leave you sleeping extra clean.


For more information, please contact us.

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